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BraveWatch Inc. is a full-service surveillance and security system provider. Our focus is on providing clients with world-class surveillance and security services by combining the precision of Artificial Intelligence with the reasoning abilities of a human being.

Est. 2016

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Unique to BraveWatch

is our commitment to employing Service-Disabled Veterans and allowing them the opportunity once again to serve and protect their fellow citizens as "Digital Heroes" . We are able to do this through partnerships with Veteran organizations throughout the U. S.

What We Do

BraveWatch Inc. understands the importance of security in today's global climate. For this reason, we offer clients world class surveillance solutions that employ the latest AI technologies combined with human reasoning and understanding while also giving homebound Veterans (Digital Heroes) a chance to once again serve and protect their fellow citizens. Our contracted services are available for Private Business and Government sectors.

How It Works

Digital Heroes receive anomalies from the AI software that require a HUMAN-IN-THE-LOOP evaluation to support pre-event threats or anomalies, versus after-the-event threats.

Examples of anomalies may include:

  • Unmanned baggage being left at a busy terminal at an airport
  • A breach in security at a train station
  • Active shooter situations

Digital Heroes will be there to make the important decision to call on-site security or local police depending on the threat level, thus potentially saving lives.


Tyler Davis

Tyler Davis is a security industry entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the private sector. He has pioneered the implementation of remote monitored analytic enabled cameras and is the founder of a multi-million dollar managed service offering called Blue Eye Monitoring Inc. Tyler has led the industry in a transition from passive forensic monitoring, foot patrols, to a much higher level of real time situational awareness with a complex mix of technologies designed specifically to gather and process actionable intelligence.

Garry Olson Jr., served 17 years in the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army Reserve and is a decorated combat veteran. Post military, Mr. Olson worked with the Army’s Intelligence & Information Warfare Directorate as Subject Matter Expert supporting intelligence and analytics collection platforms. In 2013, Mr. Olson started Semper Feye Solutions, an IT and Engineering company, and in 2016, OES Lancer, a cyber security operations company. Since its inception in 2015, Mr. Olson has served as CEO of Our Digital Heroes Foundation.

Robert Wagner has a long history working with the US military and forged his experience in information systems technologies through engineering systems that serve the Warfighters of the United States Army. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Tarleton State University, and earned a Master of Science in Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University–Central Texas.

Andrew Mellon

Andrew Mellon is a retired US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel who spent over twenty years leading Marines around the world, primarily in intelligence operations. He is a veteran of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom and served as the Director for Marine Intelligence Training. Upon his retirement, he spent several years with a software company, developing command and control and intelligence analysis software, before returning to public service as a contractor to the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers. He later assumed a full-time role as the head of the Texas Intelligence Enterprise, responsible for professional development, technology acquisition, strategic intelligence production and internal consulting. He left that position in late 2016 to establish Axial 02 Operations, conducting training and consulting for law enforcement intelligence units worldwide. Throughout 2015-2017, Andrew has served as the President of Our Digital Heroes.

Bruce Whitaker Has over 23 years of experience in the electronic security systems industry with the last 15 years specializing in video intelligence and real-time awareness systems. Bruce specializes in high volume prospecting & business development campaigns to attract premium end-users that need advanced protection of their facilities/sites, and 24/7/365 active monitoring.

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